• LYD Stars- Larcy: Young women push out of our minds that what we’re ‘good at’ isn’t necessarily what we’re passionate about. It doesn’t provide us the same long term fulfillment as living our dreams does— Laura Eister, known musically by her stage name, Larcy, knows this all too well. Continue Reading» 

  • College Countdown- 10 Ways To Stay Motivated 'Til Spring: To help pick you up and carry you through, here are 10 quick tips to keep you motivated until you’ve finally made it to the finish line of summer.  Continue Reading >>

  • Sorority Drama- How to Deal: Of course, you love all your sisters, but let’s be honest here: you’ve had enough. You’re either always involved or in the middle. So how do you stay out of the trouble? We’ve got the answer. Continue Reading >>

  • Protecting Your Skin This Spring: Is the idea of sunscreen is just too much for you? go to your local makeup or drug store and invest in a really nice moisturizer with SPF in it. I like wearing a tinted SPF moisturizer in the summer because I know my freckly, Irish skin will be safe. Continue Reading >>


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Stay True

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Wise Words for Freshman: Stay True to Yourself

Almost four years ago, I walked into my college dorm with the immense need to “find” myself. Now, more than ever, I’ve realized that college isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about learning and understanding what it means to be comfortable in your own shoes. Whether it is asking for help, lending a hand, doing well in or epically failing your classes, making mistakes or making friends, college is really about solidifying who you are and what you believe in.

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