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1000 Dreams Scholarship winners. Up-close and personal

Sarah C.

Sarah C., 20

My dream is to improve US public schools.

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Gracie - 1000 Dreams

Gracie, 16

My dream is to help others through my music.

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Clara - 1000 Dreams

Clara, 17

My dream is to be an astronaut.

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Jatiah - 1000 Dreams

Jatiah, 17

My dream is to win the Pritzker Prize.

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Kimberly, 18

My dream is to become a Political Correspondent.

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Maria - 1000 Dreams

Maria, 17

My dream is to work at Pixar.

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Kathryn - 1000 Dreams

Kathryn, 18

My dream is to help people with disabilities.

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Caitlyn - 1000 Dreams

Caitlyn, 20

My dream is to be a Occupational Therapist.

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JoLynn - 1000 Dreams

JoLynn, 16

My dream is to find the right college for me.

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Emma - 1000 Dreams

Emma, 18

My dream is to leave the world a happier place.

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Natalie - 1000 Dreams

Natalie, 18

My dream is improve medicine in the US.

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Ashlie - 1000 Dreams

Ashlie, 23

My dream is to work for the United Nations.

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Sarah - 1000 Dreams

Sarah, 20

My dream is to help teens & women.

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Karina -1000 Dreams

Karina, 22

My dream is to run for public office – and win.

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